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We Represent You.

(Not the Insurance companies)

We’re an independent agency in the business of helping people feel secure without breaking the bank. We’ve built a reputation on trust via word of mouth. In fact, most of our customers are our friends, and their friends.

We know that when it comes to some of the biggest investments such as your home, car, boat, jewelry, health, and most of all your life; trust matters.

Joe Stanovich, Orange County native and founder of Balboa Pacific, saw an opportunity to offer better service across carriers while saving people money. “Insurance shouldn’t be a daunting process. Knowing all the ins and out can make the experience a whole lot easier and more affordable, so why not share that knowledge. I’m in this business to do just that.”

Balboa Pacific offers the highest quality insurance products in the market (Liberty Mutual, Anthem, Foremost, Travelers, Safeco, MetLife etc.) at the lowest price points both internally to our employees and also externally to our customers, partners, friends and family.

The Team

  • Team Photo - Joe Stanovich

    Joe Stanovich, CEO/Broker

  • Team Photo - Mario De Tomasi

    Mario De Tomasi, Director

  • Team Photo - Scott Simonich

    Scott Simonich, Director

  • Team Photo - Don Stolan

    Don Stolan, Director

  • Team Photo - Kristie Berg

    Kristie Berg, VP of Marketing

How We Save You Money (and Time)

  • We Explore Your Options

    Every person is different. We act as your advocate to help determine your unique coverage type and needs. We’ll show you options and walk you through the details.

  • We Manage Your Needs

    Imagine having a single point of contact across all coverage types. We do that for you and act as an important resource for all your insurance needs.

  • We Keep An Eye Out

    As time goes by, situations can change along with your insurance needs. Luckily, you don’t need to change agencies. We’ll always find you the right coverage at the best price.


450 Newport Center Drive Suite 200
Newport Beach, CA 92660